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Apr 2015
Valeri Karpov
Apr 01 2015 01:46
@tylerdmace if you're doing createConnection() per user and making sure not to create multiple connection pools per user that could work. However, that sort of setup is generally not mongoose's sweet spot, unless you have the same schema setup for multiple users, because mongoose models are fundamentally designed to be scoped to one database
Hengki Sihombing
Apr 01 2015 04:51
hi @vkarpov15 on mongoose v4 its not working anymore for query list this one
db.model('City').findOneAndUpdate(query, data, { upsert: true })
Hengki Sihombing
Apr 01 2015 05:18
the return always null
Stephan Kristyn
Apr 01 2015 09:14
Is there any documentation on how to use the new isomorphism?
Alberto Restifo
Apr 01 2015 13:29
How can I do the following query in mongoose?
  user: ObjectId("some id"),
  'flights.busy.from': {$gte: ISODate("some date")},
  '': {$lte: ISODate("some other date")}
  'flights.$': 1 // This is where I don't know how to proceed
In other words, how do I project an array composed of object to the query?
Alberto Restifo
Apr 01 2015 14:06
Ok, I created a question on Stack-overflow with my problem. If you want to help, plese answer me there