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Apr 2015
Valeri Karpov
Apr 06 2015 21:27
@aredo you would probably need to set the new flag to true, see notes on #2262 in the 4.0 release notes:
@nottinhill there's some basic examples on the docs:
@LiamKarlMitchell Object.observe() is not an ES5 feature, so mongoose can't use it. We're going to experiment with it but it's not something mongoose will depend on in the immediate future
Liam Mitchell
Apr 06 2015 21:32
@vkarpov15 Ah right, I was under impression that it was a new feature possibly its newer than ES5 :) thanks
Valeri Karpov
Apr 06 2015 21:33
ES5 is the currently accepted JS spec, but according to mozilla it's looking like an ES7 feature: so it's not going to be a part of "standard JS" for a while