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Apr 2015
Valeri Karpov
Apr 09 2015 03:56
@andrewandrew query middleware doesn't exist in 3.8.x, new feature in 4.0.
3.9.7 is unstable, please don't use it. I'm strongly considering unpublishing the 3.9.x branch because so many people still use "^3.8.0" despite the loud unstable warnings and npm deprecation for 3.9.x.
@hatzipanis maybe a minor bit. Here are my thoughts on the issue of callback hell:
Andrew Andrew
Apr 09 2015 06:27
@irnc Thanks, I was referencing and I decided that 3.8.23 is the latest one. I'm trying to upgrade to 4.0.1
@vkarpov15 Upgrading to 4.0.1 in a clean mean stack install ( brings errors: "possible EventEmitter memory leak detected. 11 reconnect listeners added."
In the stack trace there are "mongoose/node_modules/mongodb/lib/server.js:272" as well as some files from meanio core.
Could this be dependency conflict problem of some incompatible versions?
Valeri Karpov
Apr 09 2015 13:51
Thanks for pointing that out, I have been pretty bad about making releases on github
and the useDb() memory leak warning is (I think) not a problem, but I'll investigate it again. Can you open up an issue for me?
Andrew Andrew
Apr 09 2015 14:40
@vkarpov15 Sure, I'll open an issue. Thanks for your feedback.
It looks like a problem as mean stack sample app just doesn't start, because of failed requests, if you try to open any page.
So migrating to 4.0.* doesn't seem to be an option currently.
tushar dhingra
Apr 09 2015 14:59
Hi I am
I need your help
could i share my problem with all of you
Stephan Kristyn
Apr 09 2015 15:34
Hi there.... do getters and setters still work with mongoose 4.x ? as in {type: Number, get: doStuff}
I am heavilty struggling with decimals and a financial application. All projects as "mongoose-currency" and "mongoose-long" are broken against 4.x as well as unmaintained for years. Mongoose DOES need a currency type.
..but until I can write a mongoose-financial plugin (when the API is released in 4.2 hopefully), I am using getters and setters in type defintions. setting works fine, but getting does nto
Valeri Karpov
Apr 09 2015 19:44
Hmm in what way do getters not work @nottinhill ? In theory they should
and mongoose-currency and mongoose-long could definitely use some love, I agree
@andrewandrew what mean stack flavor are you using?
@tushki sure
tushar dhingra
Apr 09 2015 19:54
need to create a daemon regardless of any application running. The daemon should be able to keep the mongo data from a particular collection (from a particular db) in sync to Elasticsearch.
this is the thing i need to work on
i am working on