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Apr 2015
tushar dhingra
Apr 14 2015 14:31
By managing your own indexes and communicating directly with their API using the client library for our language.
what does this mean
could you anybody help me to work on this
Valeri Karpov
Apr 14 2015 15:35
@lefnire a little bit - for a single populate it makes sure the child ids are unique, and for multiple paths it checks for multiple paths that use the same model, but nothing too crazy
@tushki where are you getting that text from?
@vkarpov15 please check above link
actually i want to transport data from mongodb to elasticsearch
without using river because it uses river which is stale so could you refer me any other way
Valeri Karpov
Apr 14 2015 17:14
SO question looks like it has a detailed answer. I must confess to be far from an expert on elasticsearch so I'm probably not the right guy to ask