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Apr 2015
Adam Rogas
Apr 28 2015 06:16
does mongoose still require mongoose-long to support 64bit ints ?
Chetan Dhembre
Apr 28 2015 07:11
I have one entity in collection like this {a : 12, b : [ {_id : ObjectId(11), c : 13}, {_id : ObjectId(111), d : 14}]}
when i do Entity.findOne({a : 12, 'b._id' : ObjectId(11)}, {b : 1, _id : 0}, console.log)
Instead of giving single object of b it is returning arrays of b
Why is this happening ?
Any one want to help me ?
Apr 28 2015 12:55
I'm doing a text search query in mongoose that works, but as soon as i add {score: {$meta: 'textScore'}} the results come back stripped of all fields except _id, score and __t (the latter is used as a discriminator field if that matters). Anyone have a clue as to why?
Found an issue about this as well Automattic/mongoose#2166
Maxime Faye
Apr 28 2015 13:16
hi all, I'm trying to understand the API documentation of mongoose and I'm wondering what is the difference between Model.remove() and Model#remove()
Anyone care to explain ? Thanks
Apr 28 2015 14:49
After upgrading to 4.0.2, I get MongoError: only GSSAPI, PLAIN, MONGODB-X509, SCRAM-SHA-1 or MONGODB-CR is supported by authMechanism
Does anyone know why? I'm using MONGODB-CR, which I thought was Mongo's default authMechanism. I'm able to connect just fine with the 2.x native driver.