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May 2015
Hannan Ali
May 05 2015 04:35
Having problem with submitting and getting dates in mongoose?
Valeri Karpov
May 05 2015 13:45
@Jks15063 open up an issue on github please - easier to track than in here
@jrthib nope, mongoose only checks required when .validate() is called (and .validate() is called by .save()) so however you set a required field should be fine
@alamphear85 does Player.find({}, function(err, players) { res.json({ players: players); }); not work?
@abdulhannanali please clarify
Charles Coulton
May 05 2015 16:31
anyone know how i can solve a depeneancey issue
Francesco Nero
May 05 2015 18:01
@ccoulton can you give some more info about your problem?