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May 2015
May 12 2015 08:06
can I install mongoose on windows 7 ?
Hengki Sihombing
May 12 2015 08:29
@dansha absolutely you can, if you can install nodejs and mongodb on windows 7 you should can install it
May 12 2015 09:59
any reason I can't get indexes to work on mongo 3? it only ensures indexes for the _id fields
Valeri Karpov
May 12 2015 15:17
@mluggy what indexes are you trying to ensure? Try listening to the Model.on('index', function(err) {}); event, it may show that there's some error happening
May 12 2015 15:37
@vkarpov15 any index that is not _id fails (whether it is a single or multi field). Mongoose doesn't even sends an ensureIndex. model.on doesn't output anything for these
@vkarpov15 it is like indexes are ignored (and yes i have "autoindex" set to true)
Valeri Karpov
May 12 2015 18:39
weird. What does your schema look like?
Joseph Thibeault
May 12 2015 20:01
hey, if i default a value, but also have required: true on my schema, will it pass the validator?
or does required: true require that a value be passed to the schema
Valeri Karpov
May 12 2015 21:41
as long as the default value isn't undefined, it will pass the required validator