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Jul 2015
Alex Launi
Jul 07 2015 04:19
Hola- I've got a user model that has an array of ObjectIds on it, representing shoes that use wears, that I use populate to get. On Shoes I've got an array of runs that are associated with that shoe. Is there a way to call populate() on user to get the shoes- and then populate again on each shoe to get the runs?
Is there a cleaner way to approach the problem?
Alex Launi
Jul 07 2015 04:38
just discovered mongoose-deep-populate. think this might be the answer
Saprative Jana
Jul 07 2015 06:01
i have created a schema and using mongo api i want input the data . how can i do that
Joseph Thibeault
Jul 07 2015 22:38
can mongoose 4.x.x be used with mongodb 2.6+?