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Jul 2015
Hengki Sihombing
Jul 08 2015 08:42
hi @all can anyone convert this query using mongoosejs{
    "key": {
        "person": true
    "initial": {
        "total": 0
    "reduce": function(obj, prev) {
        if (obj.person != null) if (obj.person instanceof Array) += obj.person.length;
Zheyuan Chen
Jul 08 2015 08:47
@all Can anybody help me have a look at this issue? Automattic/mongoose#3146
Jul 08 2015 15:30
hi, I want to make collection in runtime. This collection will cache data for this user request.
This is OK? And how to I create a collection in runtime.
Collection is named “discover+userid"
Erinç Fırtına
Jul 08 2015 22:49
how can i define static query option as default for all finds and other queries? like Model.find() == Model.find({ deleted: true })