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Jul 2015
Fayi Femi-Balogun
Jul 30 2015 13:42

HIya, I’m trying to write an id to to firebae but it keeps writing jibberish. Basically, i have a reference in a Delivery model that looks like this:

customer: {type: Schema.ObjectId, ref: 'User’}

Now when i write delivery.customer to console, i get the right id but when i do the same thing to firebase i get something like this:

customer_id: { _bsontype: ObjectID, id: U~êtdWdYë }

Any idea what the problem is?

Fayi Femi-Balogun
Jul 30 2015 14:07
mainly, why is the id field in the object notthe actual id?
David Baldwynn
Jul 30 2015 18:41
Is mongoose 6x as slow as the native driver?
Jul 30 2015 21:28
has anyone had issues writing a geoJSON sub-document that is embbeded in a document schema? I was having no issues with the schema prior to adding the sub document. once added it will no longer write to the DB. I have my code here: