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Sep 2015
Ivailo Stoianov
Sep 02 2015 14:28
Is it possible one field to have more than one reference?
Valeri Karpov
Sep 02 2015 15:46
@chetverikov done
@jrthib there isn't currently a way to remove models unfortunately. I would recommend either refactoring to use createConnection() or use a separate model name for each test.
@ivailo-stoianov sure, if that field is an array
@aredo try running that same query in the mongodb shell, enable mongoose debug mode with require('mongoose').set('debug', true); and see what the query is
Ivailo Stoianov
Sep 02 2015 15:56
So if it's a string it wont work. I see. I will try to leave without it. Thanks!
Sep 02 2015 23:41 if anyone could answer this question will put a bounty worth of 50