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Oct 2015
Valeri Karpov
Oct 01 2015 13:25
You can call .populate() on an individual document as well. doc.populate('myPath'). That's typically helpful if you need to do some logic before populating. If nothing else works, you can just query manually :) .populate() just executes a separate query anyway.
Matthew Bonig
Oct 01 2015 15:33
@vkarpov15 sounds good, thanks!
John Rodney
Oct 01 2015 20:57
Hi does anyone know if mongoose 3.8.x is compatible with mongo 3.0 or where I can find compatibility information?
Valeri Karpov
Oct 01 2015 22:10
There isn't really a table at the moment (really should be though...) but there's one available for the mongodb driver: . mongodb driver >= 1.4.29 is compatible with mongodb 3.0, so mongoose >= 3.8.22 should be fine with mongodb 3.0
@JohnRodney although we of course always recommend using the latest 3.8.x, or better yet upgrading to 4.1 :)