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Oct 2015
Oct 14 2015 13:46
bom dia,
Gostaria de saber se no populate do mongoose tem como usar um campo sem ser chave ?
good Morning,
I wonder if the populate dto mongoose is to use a field without key?
Oct 14 2015 14:42
I am grateful for the help
Oct 14 2015 19:40

I could clarify my doubt and solve my problem, thanks guys
My solution was:

   Model.statics.getByCofins = function (ncm, callback) {
            .populate('imposto', null, {codigo : 4})


It is in line populate
codigo : 4 => Keyless attribute

Valeri Karpov
Oct 14 2015 20:52
@whitef0x0 changlog:, migration guide: . Are you getting promises event emitter leaks? Might want to switch out promises libraries because mpromise does some weird things