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Nov 2015
Nov 06 2015 04:32
Hello, everyone, I am a newbei to mongo, anyone know where I can find the docs for older version
Nov 06 2015 08:24
I have a problem with virtual properties on nested schema. There is a parent schema A and child schema B. A has an array of B's. There is a virtual property defined on B with virtuals: true set for toObject. Problem is that when i call toObject on instance of A, virtual property of B is called with instance of A as this. I didn't find a way to make it work so far
Nov 06 2015 08:30
could you please point out what i'm doint wrong?
Nov 06 2015 08:45
Nevermind, suddenly the issue was not in mongoose :smile:
James Lee
Nov 06 2015 21:56
oops sorry