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Nov 2015
Alex J Burke
Nov 24 2015 11:27
To answer myself - it seems buffering usually only applies when the database is being opened or closed. When the onOpen callback is called doQueue empties the queue and sets buffering to false for duration of the open connection. For whatever reason I'm not ending up calling the onOpen callback correctly meaning the buffer is never emptied. Alex
Tanmay Binaykiya
Nov 24 2015 15:47
Hey guys,
I am new to mongoose and am trying to save referenced objects. I am having some trouble. I posted it on stackoverflow but no pointers yet. Can you guys help me.
Valeri Karpov
Nov 24 2015 17:12
@tanmaybinaykiya answered on SO. Be careful of fields named 'type'
@hellboy81 you can just do something like MyModel.statics.myMethod.bind(testObject)();
Tanmay Binaykiya
Nov 24 2015 18:38
@vkarpov15 thanks :)