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Dec 2015
Diego Aguilar Aguilar
Dec 04 2015 17:33
Hello, where can I see the list of errors that Mongoose can throw?
I'd like to write some mongoose error handling middleware
Valeri Karpov
Dec 04 2015 20:45
@lukechilds why not just look up by the last updated time you saw? Post.find({ updated: { $lte: lastSeen } }).sort('-updated');
@uptownhr yeah you have to remove duplicates. dropDups is gone in 3.0: so you should do it manually
@diegoaguilar that's pretty tricky since that list includes all the error types defined in mongoose:, as well as errors that the underlying mongodb driver can trigger, which in turn includes all errors that the mongodb server can trigger
Tyler Langan
Dec 04 2015 21:45
Does anyone know the best version of mongoose to put in my package.json? 3.8 is broken for some reason
Christopher Shelley
Dec 04 2015 22:48
@vkarpov15 if i’ve created a text index in mongoDB, do i search it with mongoose using the find method or aggregate?