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Dec 2015
Diego Aguilar Aguilar
Dec 05 2015 01:00
thanks a lot @vkarpov15
Yordis Prieto
Dec 05 2015 04:33
Valeri Karpov
Dec 05 2015 16:21
@TylerL-uxai define broken. I'd put 4.2.9 because that's the latest :)
@basiclaser you can use either
@yordis not down for me
Christopher Shelley
Dec 05 2015 16:22
@vkarpov15 thanks yeh i seem to have it working now
@vkarpov15 do you know how i can make mongo return results for EACH word in space-delineated string ? If i type “cat dog fish” i only get text index results that contain “cat"