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Dec 2015
Luis Miguel Díaz Abril
Dec 15 2015 13:24
How would you insert references in a Schema, like Json Graph? I mean, I have some thoughts, like just insert id, and another property just to say is a reference, but do you have a more "official" way to do it? Thanks!
Konstantin Baierer
Dec 15 2015 13:32
@Ldiab Have you looked into the Query Population docs?
Luis Miguel Díaz Abril
Dec 15 2015 14:40
@kba Yeah, thanks, but the thing is I don't want to populate, it seems like a bad performance idea to query for them every time, I want to be able to cache individual parts and send them to the user, so the user is the one who will join it, or populate it following like it was a JSON Graph, like FalcorJS. I think I will do it like Populate, whitout actually populate it. thx!