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Dec 2015
Dec 22 2015 03:41
I am using node v4.2.2
along with mongo v 3.2
and mongoose v 4.3.3
however when my node application attempts to connect to mongo (via mongoose)
i receive the following errors
Mongoose connection error: MongoError: connect ETIMEDOUT
James Lee
Dec 22 2015 05:12
@shreya5 is your mongodb server running? If so, running on your local machine?
Dec 22 2015 05:13
no mongodb was not running
reverting back to node 0.12 and mongo 2.6
did the trick
James Lee
Dec 22 2015 05:18
Every thing should work with the latest versions
James Lee
Dec 22 2015 05:24
Oleg Bogdanov
Dec 22 2015 07:12
Hi guys
there is the question
Oleg Bogdanov
Dec 22 2015 07:17

I have a model like me it can pass parameters to them in the future on the basis of I could change the name of the collection
for example, there is such a call

Models.MenuSite(data).save(function(err, result){


Models.MenuSite.find({}, {}, function(err, result){

how in this case, I can dynamically change collection name?

Ernst Wettstaedt
Dec 22 2015 09:20
Hi there~
My first time and question here :smile:
I want to validate the E-Mail input of an user form. How can I give feedback to the user if the input is correct or not?
email: {type: String, validate: validators.isEmail()}