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Jan 2016
Konstantin Baierer
Jan 20 2016 11:00

@ajsharp See

When your application starts up, Mongoose automatically calls ensureIndex for each defined index in your schema. Mongoose will call ensureIndex for each index sequentially, and emit an 'index' event on the model when all the ensureIndex calls succeeded or when there was an error. While nice for development, it is recommended this behavior be disabled in production since index creation can cause a significant performance impact. Disable the behavior by setting the autoIndex option of your schema to false, or globally on the connection by setting the option config.autoIndex to false.

Valeri Karpov
Jan 20 2016 17:47
@Beingbook yeah I haven't had a chance to fix the mongoose plugins site, heroku is bugging out and I really haven't had the time to learn what I need to do to fix it. But mongoose is most certainly maintained :)
@ajsharp see for examples
Alex Sharp
Jan 20 2016 21:20
@vkarpov15 thanks