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Mar 2016
Bnaya Peretz
Mar 30 2016 09:10
Dose it make sense to have several models for the same collection?
Dawid Pura
Mar 30 2016 09:11
When you are using CQRS then it makes sense
Otherwise... Well, I think it might be a situation when you need more than one model mapping to this same document ;)
Nate Farnsworth
Mar 30 2016 19:38
is there a way to update existing documents to align with a change to the model schema?
not 100% sure if i'm asking that correctly, but yea..
Mar 30 2016 19:48
Hi.. Im using mongoose 4.1.7 for mongodb server 2.6.11 . I have some issues in deleting. while using Model.findByIdAndRemove(id, {}, callback), the callback function is not triggering! but the record was deleted successfully. I'm unable to return the response from my side. Can anyone help to solve this?
Richard Brookfield
Mar 30 2016 20:32
Does anyone have an ETA on when this pull will be accepted or if it will? Automattic/mongoose#4029