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May 2016
Eren Can Sinecan
May 03 2016 03:00
Hello all. I'm writing an electron word processor that keeps some metadata in mongo. I'd like to pack individual instances of mongo per document. How can I tell mongoose to create and use local files per new document created?
Christoph Werner
May 03 2016 10:54
Got another question: Is there any way to get the pure data from a document, excluding _id and __v? i know there's the versionKey boolean option to the toObject and getJSON methods, but i can't seem to exclude the ObjectId that way (except having an additional transform param)?
Diego Aguilar Aguilar
May 03 2016 15:43
Hello, I'm having these err logs when starting an app using mongoose, I need to know if mongoose versioning might be the issue here
So the main issue seems to be Error: Cannot find module './node-mongodb-native'
James Lee
May 03 2016 16:20
@diegoaguilar can you check if that dir exists? and have you tried to rerun npm install?
Diego Aguilar Aguilar
May 03 2016 16:21
something weird happned
it existed ...
I just re installed EERYTHING
et voila