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May 2016
Niall O'Brien
May 27 2016 11:14
Hi all, I've just started playing with Mongoose and I'm using populate() to merge results from multiple collections. I'm just wondering, how performant is this? I know that multiple reqs are done to retrieve the required documents. Unfortunately, I this data can't be denormalised as it'd cause sync issues further down the road. What are your thoughts on this?
May 27 2016 15:31
That's more or less a question only you can answer.
Software is "fast enough" until it's not.
May 27 2016 18:03
ey everybody, just a quick question that has been bugging me: when storing Date to mongo, UTC timezone is used by default, so I'm converting to the appropriate client's timezone on its side (via angular's date directive). However, am I safe to assume it automatically handles DST? I mean, can I simply convert UTC to whatever the client's timezone is set to, completely ignoring any possible DST-period?