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May 2016
May 28 2016 11:42
Any multi-tenancy example in mongoose ?
Alexander Rhett Crammer
May 28 2016 14:56
How do I know which version is stable?
Allan Bazinet
May 28 2016 15:08
@niallobrien Note that with populate, you can select the fields that get populated, rather than simply the entire referenced document. If the referenced document is large and complex and you only want some of it, declaring only the fields of interest as the second parameter to populate certainly won’t hurt.
@PedroMD Timezones will make you insane if you work with them long enough. The thing is, a point in time is a point in time, period — the timezone is simply a local offset. A UTC date is the same point in time everywhere, though the local representation of it will vary. Libraries such as moment.js exist to convert UTC timestamps into whatever the local representation is presently, DST, etc. If you’re dealing with time at all, I’d run, not walk, to moment.js in a JS environment.
Paul "Joey" Clark
May 28 2016 18:44
@Arcrammer Presumably the version that npm install gives you is stable. Take a peek at it's package.json to find the version number.
Niall O'Brien
May 28 2016 19:32
@bazineta Thanks for the tip