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Jun 2016
Mohamed Nasrullah
Jun 06 2016 04:38
i will pass startTime and endTime (only time) to mongodb using mongoose and need to do some calculation while fetching records with that time. is that possible? and both times are not datatime object. its just a time string, for ex: "10:30 AM".
Mohamed Nasrullah
Jun 06 2016 04:57
i got it. :smile:
Mohamed Nasrullah
Jun 06 2016 05:10
but how to query only with time? i dont care about date. only time is matter to me.
Mikołaj Stolarski
Jun 06 2016 12:05
Hello, I'm curious what you are using for migrations with Mongoose ? Any tips ?
Paul "Joey" Clark
Jun 06 2016 15:07
@grimor I saw this project a while ago, but I've never tried it: