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Jul 2016
Jul 19 2016 14:17
hello. I have a schema which defines a subdocument like this: {subdoc: {type: {prop1:String, prop2:String}, required: false}}. All is good, I get subdoc optional, and it stores data if I provide one. The problem I face is, that it will add ANY non-defined property on the subdoc too, unlike a top level schema, where any additional properties are omitted. How do I get the same behavior for the subdoc without actuallt creating a subschema for the subdoc?
Jul 19 2016 15:27
This message was deleted
    subdoc: {
         type: {
             prop1: String,
             prop2: String
         required: false
Jul 19 2016 19:43
hi i have a problem to run basic project in nodejs, mongodb, express
i get it from github