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Jul 2016
Jul 24 2016 18:41
why cant i provide a default photo in the mongoose schema? I have {type: String, default: 'picturegoeshere'}
Andre de Waard
Jul 24 2016 19:18
Hey guys, Maybe a bit of topic here. But what does 'salt' mean in a user Object? I see it everywhere in models by other people projects.
I'm new to mongodb/mongoose and trying to create an API just to learn how to work with it.
Jul 24 2016 22:13
from my understanding passwords get hashed then you combine the hashed passwords with 'salt' which in return will give you a super secure password that you can save to the DB
Jul 24 2016 22:30
all of this is done to prevent hackers from easily stealing passwords if they do end up getting access to a DB