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Aug 2016
Vlado Tesanovic
Aug 04 2016 08:37
Anyone have problem with running validators within update?
Or, it seems that validators does not run on sub documents
ok, yes Automattic/mongoose#4332
Aug 04 2016 21:25
In the populate example in the docs, its defining an id to use to reference a person can you just use the auto id that mongo creates instead?
Aug 04 2016 21:58
You can, everybody. You can
Daniel Meng
Aug 04 2016 23:31
Having some trouble with updating a schema, but it's giving me all the documents. what am I doing wrong?
        "vid_ref.date_update" : { "$exists" : false } 
      .count(function(e, d) {
        console.log(d); // returns all documents.