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Sep 2016
Sep 03 2016 06:16
User.findOne({auth0id:}, function(e,r){
why can't save the push result?
Vlado Tesanovic
Sep 03 2016 09:28
@nacq If you use findAndModify there is flag new , result of operation will be updated document
Sep 03 2016 14:37
@vladotesanovic thanks for the tip man, anyways don't you find Model.findAndModify to be too slow in comparison to Model.update?
Vlado Tesanovic
Sep 03 2016 17:15
@nacq can you measure execution time?
@drGrove I am using your JSDoc swagger stuff, it works :+1:
Daniel Grove
Sep 03 2016 17:19
Awesome, thanks vladotesanovic. We're working on aligning a few things more closely to swagger spec, since we've recently added support for tags