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Oct 2016
Paul "Joey" Clark
Oct 19 2016 04:03 UTC
I believe the query {tags: “software”} will do it. Although it looks like an exact match, it will actually work magically for arrays. @eliecerthoms
Then you could also try {$or: [{tags: “software”}, {tags: “linux”}]}
Oct 19 2016 17:09 UTC
HI, in my project when I user creates an account he must also have a profile document created in the profiles collection
what is the best way to do this?
it's not a subdocument, btw
I searched for "dependent document" but I came up empty handed
what should I be looking for?
Oct 19 2016 17:12 UTC
Hello guys!! Whats the best way to connect my express app to a diferent mongodb database based on some request parameter?
is it useDBb() method?