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Dec 2016
Dec 01 2016 05:15
how do you perform migration in mongo db,mongoose ??
Christian Roy
Dec 01 2016 16:47
@pulankit If you mean like an ActiveRecord migration for SQL databases, there is no such thing in a NoSQL db like Mongo.
Varun Jayaraman
Dec 01 2016 17:05
has anyone used mongoose in the browser with webpack
i'm getting issues because it's trying to read from require('mongodb').Binary when you import it into the browser and webpack can't statically analyze that
the error starts with line 8:11 in mongoose/lib/drivers/index.js
sorryi should clarify this is mongoose v 4.6.5
Varun Jayaraman
Dec 01 2016 17:42
the only solution i can think of is to fork mongoose, create a custom build and eliminate the line that tries to check for if typeof window === 'undefined'