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Dec 2016
Dec 02 2016 10:50

Hi guys, got a question, i am doing an evaluation of porting a codebase to work with DocumentDb. I still want the codebase to use Mongoose as the ODM mapper. Is there a way i could write a DocumentDB connector for Mongoose?

or am i just talking jibberish?

Rafael Bertelli
Dec 02 2016 13:06
Hi Guys,
How could I use $regex and $in together? is there a way to do that?
Xia L
Dec 02 2016 13:27
hello,every one
Daniel Youberg
Dec 02 2016 14:29
@zfael can you post a sample document and what you're trying to do? It should be doable with $and
Joseph Chambers
Dec 02 2016 22:15
Hello, how do I add a relationship between two models? I'm not talking about who submits the form with type: mongoose.Schema.Types.ObjectId, but who the submission is for. So I have a 'for' field that will look up, firstName, lastName, otherFirstName, otherLastName, and whoever it find for that, I need to add a reference to that person. How can I model that?