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Dec 2016
Michael Lynn
Dec 15 2016 09:13
Any idea when Mongoose will support MongoDB 3.4 Decimal data type?
Dec 15 2016 12:44
Hi! I have an issue with concurrent save. So I wonder what is the difference between and MyModel.findOneAndUpdate() in terms of concurrency?
Dec 15 2016 17:21
I'm trying to save a document that has a subschema in an array
I have an object that I'm pushing onto the specified array on the retrieved document
but, when I call .save on that, its giving me this error: { [VersionError: No matching document found.] message: 'No matching document found.', name: 'VersionError' }
Dec 15 2016 18:21
This message was deleted
nevermind, someone made an alteration to the schema unknown to me