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Feb 2017
Feb 09 2017 09:24
Hello Everyone!! I am new to Mongoose and within this community. Hope for a good start :)
Feb 09 2017 16:35
Hello, Im getting a error on a pseudo join. Not sure why since I followed the documentation
Michael Leanos
Feb 09 2017 19:40
@nacq IIRC, you need to define your pre/post hooks before you register the schema with Mongoose. Is there a reason that you need to define the hooks in this separate file, rather than inside your model definition file?
Feb 09 2017 20:00
@mleanos You’re right man, that was the mistake, thank you
Michael Leanos
Feb 09 2017 20:14
@nacq Sure no problem. I ran into the same issue some time ago.
Robert Lavoie AKA BobbyDigital
Feb 09 2017 21:07
I need to create a user in the DB then confirm that user through email. Should I put the user in temp collection then move them to the real collection after confirmed? or just have a confirmed flag on a user?