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Feb 2017
Serge Nikitin
Feb 24 2017 07:20
Hello! Is there anybody who is interested in voice conversations about JavaScript? I offer to have regular voice sessions via Skype, one session per week, 1-hour duration. The topic for the conversations is programming. I mostly a node.js developer, but I’m interested in modern front-end too. I have two aims for such conversations. First, I really like to speak about programming. I work as a remote contractor, so I don't have an opportunity to discuss programming topics with coworkers. Second, I want to practice my spoken English. I'm not a native English speaker, but my English tutor swears that my English is good enough, so there should not be any problems with it. If you are interested in it, please PM me.
Kent C. Dodds
Feb 24 2017 17:10
Hey friends! anyone have any tips on testing mongoose models without a database?
I have a function in my model that depends on one of the properties being populated
but I don't know how to populate that field with a mock
whenever I assign the value, it just takes the _id of my mock
is there a reasonable way I can populate the field with my mock?
it appears that ref fields have a setter that makes it behave this way