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Apr 2017
Ahmad Abdullah Tariq
Apr 06 2017 06:03
Hi, I am facing an issue retreving data from monodb. I am getting high latency only in retreving data. Has anyone faced same issue ?
Apr 06 2017 06:42
Hey guys, i am new to mongoose. I am trying to get distinct values in field like this Provider.distinct('city',function(err,result){
}); but result is always undefined. Can you help me?
Ashutosh Mittal
Apr 06 2017 07:01
hi trying unique indexing in my schema, but it still saving data and not showing any errors.
var UserSchema = new mongoose.Schema({ name: String, password: {type: String, unique: true}, admin: Boolean, email: {type: String, unique: true}, username: {type: String, unique: true} });
Apr 06 2017 11:50
hello guys, Im looking for good material for mongoDB cons and prons? need to new project proposal. thanks in advance.