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May 2017
May 03 2017 04:17
Hey all, I am having a hard time trying to model my database in NOSQL.(just started out with mongo..) Are there any best practices or tips? eg for SQL we have the normal forms.... I am especially having a tough time when my data increases in variety rather than in volume. Any examples of a same app being implemented in both SQL and no SQL you came across that i can refer just to get my head around it? thnx much!
Paul "Joey" Clark
May 03 2017 10:03
That’s weird @apitts. Looks like a bug!
If you install and require the module clarify it might give you longer stack traces, which might help you to work out how to reproduce the problem. (Sorry that’s not much closer to solving it.)
@BernardoFBBraga You can find the errors in node_modules/mongoose/lib/error.js
The ones we get most often are 1) poorly formed query, or 2) network issue (e.g. Mongo cannot be reached).
If you modify the same field of the same document in parallel, you might get a VersionError.
If you try to put the wrong type of data in a field you will get a ValidationError.
Somnath Panja
May 03 2017 11:23
Can anyone guide me how to enable wiredtiger with LSM in mongodb? I have already enabled wiredtiger in config. But dont know how to enable LSM in my mongo instance. I do use mongoose as my API for node.js
Christofer Huber
May 03 2017 11:51
Hi Guys, I have a list of elements which I am sorting by the created timestamp. In addition inside each element there is another array with objects, which I also want to sort by a specific field, but this should not change the sorting of the complete list. I hope you got it ;)
is there a command like sort which I can just chain to the find-method?