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May 2017
May 04 2017 14:22
how to search a value in every document mongo, (document comprise of object, array, string, number, date)
May 04 2017 15:54

In my model I have

var RR = new Schema({
_id: String,
Data: []
},{ strict: false});

I am able to insert new docs with .save() but cannot update the content of Data with the .save() (even the _v does not increase)
Mongodb Profiling Level shows the inserts but no attepts of an update or any errors
There are no errors in my code,I console.log everything, shows that it worked. Even console.log the object for .save, it has the data needed - but its not updating it in the db

I am trying to avoid enforcing a schema for this part

Liz Tom
May 04 2017 20:31
Hi, is there a way to see which plugins are currently registered on a schema?