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Aug 2017
Sajid Unar
Aug 10 2017 11:03
Hello guys , is there any opensource ecommerce built on top of mongo with any server tech
Julio Borja Barra
Aug 10 2017 13:45
has anybody used migrate-mongoose? I'm trying to run a migration, but the process doesn't end and there's no output
Clement Venard
Aug 10 2017 14:33
Hey beginner here, how would you define a schema based on a conditional. For example, IF the clothing type is this THEN use this particular schema ? Many thanks :D
Aug 10 2017 17:13
Hi. I am trying to get mongoose to establish a SSL connection but there seems to be a bug somewhere. I am using mongoose@4.10.8 and I've opened a stackoverflow question. The point is to get the connection done with minimum code necessary. Here is the question:
There isn't examples on documentation either. The certificates were done following documentation and I can sucessfully connect to the encripted connection to the database using robomongo