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Oct 2017
Paul "Joey" Clark
Oct 05 2017 09:45
@jalasem Maybe just .poplate(‘author_id’)
Jemli Fathi
Oct 05 2017 13:04
how can I know if a field was modified in update pre/post hook ?
Jemli Fathi
Oct 05 2017 13:11
I am doing this to update updatedAt field:
schema.pre('update', function () {
this.update({}, {
$set: {
updatedAt: new Date()
Jestin Hoogeveen
Oct 05 2017 19:05
Hello, I need some help. How can I get one error message from the save method instead of all validation errors?
I just want to return 1 validation error
Oct 05 2017 20:47
Hey guys, anyone has already experienced the following issue since the upgrade to 4.12.0 for replica sets: Error: Illegal trailing backslash after database name