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Oct 2017
Oct 18 2017 03:21
Ayush Bahuguna
Oct 18 2017 08:12
there is a huge difference between what I receive from mongo shell and what i receive from mongoose
Jemli Fathi
Oct 18 2017 15:56
I am trying to figure out why I am receiving a validation error while all required fields are mentioned and valid
It seems like it removes planning from object before validation
Chris Johnson
Oct 18 2017 22:42
Question - I have 2 user documents that have google authentication data, an email that was set using the returned google profile email, but the name index is '' becuase I had the wrong code when I registered those new users. I have 1 user document where i did it correctly. How do I update those 2 user documents to have the information the 1 correct user has?