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Nov 2017
Paul "Joey" Clark
Nov 15 2017 10:49
@johnslay How about using a pre-save middleare (or perhaps a validate middleware) accepting a next function.
You can read the documents data from this.get(‘field’), do DB lookups, and then decide whether or not tp ass an error to next(). (a possible example)
Michael Ney
Nov 15 2017 11:49 Hey everyone. I'm having an issue with populating something on a GET request. Might I have some support? Thank's in advance.
Michael Ney
Nov 15 2017 12:08
I've changed it around a lot, but still no luck. All help is very much appreciated!
Michael Ney
Nov 15 2017 12:27
I've also changed it to specify the field I want to populate which was "songs", but literally nothing gets put into the field when it's sent to the user.
Nov 15 2017 19:14
return Conversation.aggregate([
$match: {'chatbotId': chatbotId}
{$sort: {"createdAt": -1} } ,
{$skip: skip},
{$limit: 10},
tells - aggregation result exceeds maximum document size
shall i know why?