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Dec 2017
Jacob Hoke
Dec 31 2017 02:26
@theoutlander I think this is what is needed? Please let me know if I am missing something
Dec 31 2017 02:28
@theoutlander Thanks i resolved.
Nick Karnik
Dec 31 2017 02:32
@threads13 I’ll take a look later tonight ..
@karthikeyana__twitter :+1:
Nick Karnik
Dec 31 2017 06:01
@threads13 I tried your project and it sees to work fine. Wonder what you are doing?
blogschema.findOne({author: 'asdasd'}).populate('comments').exec(function (err, comments) {console.log(comments)})
that works
Dec 31 2017 19:03
Hello everyone, I have a newbie question... when i do a findOne query this return me a document with many properties, how to filter this result to get only the _doc content without the extra properties?
Juha Lindstedt
Dec 31 2017 21:49
Jacob Hoke
Dec 31 2017 23:22
@theoutlander Heh I am not sure what was going on in my head. Maybe I just stared at it too long and confused myself. Anyways, I was able to pull up the comment object and pass it through to my show route so I think it's good to go. Thanks for the help!