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Jan 2018
Diego Aguilar Aguilar
Jan 26 2018 00:19
Hello, probably off topic, but, can someone pls give an eye to this aggregation related question?
Nacho Caballero
Jan 26 2018 12:51
@diegoaguilar I get a broken link
Yogesh Bansal
Jan 26 2018 15:06
i upgraded to mongoose 5.1.X, now I am getting cycle dependency detect
its not showing which file has the issue
Clay Kohut
Jan 26 2018 15:33
Yo -- we're having an issue where mongoose isn't defaulting to empty arrays on our production box, but it works properly on local -- does anyone know what that issue could be?
like we're trying to reference a field defined in the schema as an array, but if its not explicitly set its causing node to crash
this same code has worked for the past 8 months or so but is now crashing even though we havent updated our config as far as we know
Clay Kohut
Jan 26 2018 15:45
getting an error like: TypeError: Cannot read property 'length' of undefined
at model.<anonymous>