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Feb 2018
Feb 19 2018 00:06
And my next issue (because that's how my day is going...) specific to the Facebook auth strategy. I'm getting to the verification function in the of the oauth callback mechanism, where I'm meant to map a FB profile, to a local user account, but there's something wrong with one of my return values, as it always (first time) yields a 404, then if I attempt to reload the callback URL, it presents "This authorization code has been used." which stands to reason for multiple attempts to use the same oauth token, but where might i start looking, for why I'm getting a 404 at the callback URL, the first time? I presume i have an incorrectly structured return value somewhere, but not clear where...
Feb 19 2018 10:55
Hello everybody. My application has 2 types of users (model and photographer). They have a lot of different data and a little common data like a name, contact information, etc. User can not be both of the them at the time. How should I design my mongoose models and relations?
Juha Lindstedt
Feb 19 2018 21:35
Option 1: models and photographers
Option 2: users with optional properties depending on which kind of user..