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Jun 2018
Jun 23 2018 08:45
@Dhawaldeep apologies, I was offline all day yesterday. did you get it working? if not I'll take a look.
@gvuyk I don't see why not, you can export the schema via a module and use it wherever you need it.
Jun 23 2018 09:09
@benydc you can write a function that updates the desired doc(s) and use setInterval to run that function endlessly, or setTimeout to run it just once.
Jun 23 2018 11:41
@lineus yes I used model.aggregate(...
vøid a.k.a. Machito Opresor
Jun 23 2018 23:13
I have a model with an array of ObjectId with refs
I want to automatically remove the ObjectId of deleted documents of those refs