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Jul 2018
Jul 20 2018 19:38
@lineus I run your example script and it works as you say, so my version of node/mongodb are fine. However, when I changed my script to make the updated to the docs in a similar manner, it still does not save the updates. I added a gist with the schema, sample doc, and my script. Do you think you can take a look? I am wondering if this has to do with my schema and how to properly update based on that.
Jul 20 2018 20:04
@thehme My power’s been out for a few hours, doing yard work at the moment :smile: I’ll be back online later tonight, I’ll take a look then.
Jul 20 2018 20:13
@lineus sg 🐝
Saket Patel
Jul 20 2018 20:40
Hello people, I am a mongoose newbie
Please tell me the right way to use single instance of mongoose connection for whole of my node application?