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Oct 2018
Oct 22 2018 11:01
@karunalladeva did you sort out your question? if not, what do your indexes/schema look like for that collection?
Oct 22 2018 12:23
@chaiwa-berian can you send all of those special characters in the query without encoding them? e.g. _id%3A%24in%3A%5Babcd1%2Cababa2%2Cababab3%5D
Oct 22 2018 15:51

I'm trying to sort the results of my infinite scroll. Basically Mongo pulls 10 docs and I sort those results, then when the user gets tot he bottom is does that again skipping the first 10.

The trouble is, this isn't in order. If I want the data sorted by date. It currentl brings back the top 10 results and sorts that by date AFTER finding based on 'natural order'.

How can I make Mongo find based on date?

*Please keep in mind index and sort() both sort after.