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Nov 2018
Fay Vor
Nov 22 2018 21:28

Hi guys, am trying to achieve something like this with my mongoose schema, but am a little confused...

"bio": {
    "full name": "Your fullname",
    "age": 23,
    "lga": "somewhere in nigeria",
    "blood group": "0+",
    "genotype": "AA",
    "height": "234.2''",
    "residential_addr": "your street number"
  "birth_records": {
    "dob": "02-8-1990",
    "time_of_birth": "2 am",
    "hospital_name": "Federal Medical Center",
    "hospital_address": "44b Zamlek Ave.",
    "doctor_in_charge": "Philip Stanley",
    "midwives": [
      "Stella Vicent", "Oluchi Bridget", "Kate Henshaw"
  "medical_records": {
    "current_health_report": "some health data",
    "doctor": "Dully Brown",
    "health_history": "pull up a file"

How do I translate this into a user model?