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Feb 2019
Feb 04 08:31
Hey guys !
Can someone assist or help me to map and index multiple geo query (geo point) ?
Like I have a start and end location and I also have some few intermediate locations between start and end.
So when another user searches a location, I need to show my results based on the matching of exact start and end location or if both the start and end location lies in the intermediate point
How do I use multiple geonear for this and is it a recommended way to do so ? Any help on this is much appreciated ! Thanks to all in advance !
Feb 04 11:39
hey guys hopefully i can get some help here with mongoose
i am currently tring to return a value from mongo.find query but seems i cant
as it get lost
when i console.log it in the query it self i can see the result but when i assign to a variable and log it outside of the query itself it displays undefined
Feb 04 15:30
@felixghislaindev can you pls post your code here ?